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Information Security Expertise for Your Business

Whether you are looking for a simple infrastructure penetration test, or searching for a strategic partner who can help bring security best practice to your web and mobile applications - we are here to help identify and mitigate threats faced in your Enterprise.

The key areas probed in our Application Security Assessment include authentication and authorisation, session management, data validation, encryption of sensitive data and security of the presentation tier.

A thorough analysis is conducted against our exhaustive application audit checklist to ensure completeness and consistency of application testing.

Our testing places emphasis on understanding the business threats and identifying flaws in the logic of the application that could be used to realise those threats.

Our penetration test is designed to breach your security controls in order to gain access to sensitive data, or systems from a zero knowledge perspective.

This form of testing is designed to penetrate as far as possible in to the target network.

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A&O Corsaire has wide-ranging data protection expertise to help organisations prepare for the GDPR. We offer a comprehensive suite of information resources, solutions and consultancy services.

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With an evolving threat landscape, our new pro-active monitoring platform can monitor web applications, software and infrastructure for any potential threats.

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Threat Landscape
Monitoring significant threats

Data Last Updated on Thursday (17/09/20)

We continue to monitor, evaluate and adapt to a constantly changing and evolving threat landscape.

We measure our statistics based on a three-month overview on the concerns found during client investigations.

Some cause for Concern88%

High Risk67%

Critical Risk 43%

88% of our customers found items which were a cause for concern as a result of their security analysis.


Of reports contained threats


Critical Threats


High Risk Threats


Increased threat count