About Corsaire
Experts in information security

Established in 1997, we are an Information Security organisation operating globally with a strong presence in the UK, UAE and Australia.

In May 2015 we joined the A&O IT Group - an organisation that operates in over 63 countries around the world. The Group gives us the benefit of scaling whilst allowing us to focus on developing our key security specialisms and outstanding culture that gives our team the edge within the security industry.

We are passionate about all things security but we won't confuse you with technical acronyms and jargon in our reports; always communicating in plain English.

Our security testers are experts in their field, which means you can be sure your project is being carried out by qualified and experienced security specialists.

We use our wealth of experience to provide security testing to the highest level for your business.

Our name reflects our work perfectly: we work as an autonomous organisation that operates with your official sanction. We will find security risks before other, unauthorised entities exploit vulnerabilities that you may not otherwise identify.

Tailor Made Solutions
Ask how Corsaire can transform your security processes, reduce risk and lower your overall security cost overheads.